Transportation Technology

At Grimshaw Trucking we utilize the latest in transportation technology solutions

TMW TruckMate


By tightly integrating multiple necessary components of our daily operations such as order entry, dispatch, maintenance and accounting into one interface through our usage of the TruckMate software suite, we have been able to greatly increase our efficiency and ability to manage your shipments.         

  • View supporting documents for completed shipments
  • Track current shipments online
  • Soon to come … Online pickup request entry

PeopleNet Fleet Tracking

Grimshaw Trucking’s entire fleet is fully tracked by GPS satellite as well as mobile wireless networks. This redundant and complimentary tracking system ensures that we know where your shipment is in real-time.

Additionally our PeopleNet BLU.2 devices and communication system allows us to maintain two-way communication with our drivers. These systems allow us to closely monitor our drivers and ensure that they are adhering to our strict safety and reliability policies which ultimately increases our service to you, the customer.

TGI Trailer Tracking

TGI Connect

Not only do we track our trucks by GPS but we track our trailers too! This enables us to manage our fleet of trailers to gain the most efficient use from them and to ensure we have the equipment available when you need it.