Safety and Reliability

Safety and reliability are the basic foundations of Grimshaw. Without them, there is little chance of success and growth.

Our customers trust us because we’ve proven that we hold the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, the general public and the environment as our top concern.

A Leader in Transportation Safety

Grimshaw has the reputation of being a leader in transportation safety. We were the first carrier in Alberta to receive a COR certificate. We consistently maintain high scores on both the COR and National Safety Code audits each year.

Out of more than 23,000 carriers in the province of Alberta, Grimshaw Trucking is one of the very few that are granted an excellent rating on the Provincial Safety Fitness Certificate.

Alberta Motor Transport Association

Supporters of the Alberta Motor Transport Association

PIC Certified Partner

Grimshaw has been a strong supporter of the Alberta Motor Transport Association (formerly ATISA) since its inception. Over the years, Grimshaw employees have volunteered their time to contribute to the Alberta Transport Association by accepting positions on various committees and volunteer positions.

Our transportation fleet has earned the right to display the yellow PIC plates of the Alberta Partners in Compliance Safety Program. In order to attain this status, we are required to run a superior safety program, maintain high equipment standards and sustain an elevated Carrier Profile rating.

Our safety training programs not only far exceed legislated requirements they are proven effective by our record.