Education and Training

One of the keys to great customer service is to invest in our employees. After all, people provide customer service, not companies. To achieve our goal of Total Customer Satisfaction, we provide our employees with the necessary training and growth opportunities to excel at what they do best.

Investing in Our Employees

Here at Grimshaw Trucking, we invest in all of our employees. Being able to provide education to our employees helps make Grimshaw one of the best trucking companies in Canada. We offer extensive new hire orientation, skills upgrading and various training seminars throughout the entire span of an employee’s career.

One such program is the Business Management Certificate Program, an annual program that offers 175 hours of management training. To date, 45 of our employees have graduated. Congratulations to our graduates and to our customers who will benefit!

Furthermore, our commitment to our customers and employees have prompted us to initiate a Quality Program. The program called On the Road to Quality has over 300 employees attended the program. This program helps all employees to better serve our customers by implementing strategies to offer a higher standard of customer satisfaction. It is our goal to facilitate and implement this course to all of our employees.

Education is so important to us that we help pay for it.

We are proud of our employees and encourage them all to participate in any training programs to further their careers. When an employee successfully completes a field-related course at a recognized college or institution, they qualify to be reimbursed 50% of their tuition fees. 


We’ll Help You
Deliver an Education


Scholarships are awarded in amounts of
$500.00 up to $2000.00.



When you work for Grimshaw, your children get the advantage of the Christopher Rogers Scholarship Program. Most of us work hard everyday so that our children can have a brighter future, full of opportunity. Grimshaw supports hard working parents and their families because at Grimshaw, we are family.

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